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24 October 2011 @ 04:54 pm
The New Beginning  
Fandom: Hurts
Pairing: Theo Hutchcraft/Adam Anderson
Rating: G
Warnings: Death...
Genre: One shot, romance, angst, death, but with a surprise...
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, though I do own the plot. This is only a work of my imagination, so it has never happened and I'm not intending to insult anyone or anything like that.
Summary: “How will I survive without you?” Adam whispered at the dead body and for a second he actually thought it would come to life.

A/N: I'm actually very fond of this one, so I hope you will enjoy it as well. The ideas I come up with... Comments are always very welcome, because I really love to get some kind of feedback.
And I know my titles still suck.

Adam walked into the small room quietly. He had the permission of the priest to go there to see his lover, but he still felt like he was doing something forbidden. He gulped. The thought of Theo’s family rushing into the room any moment scared him. But what scared him more, was what was waiting for him on the other side of the room.

There it lay. The lifeless corpse of his beloved one dressed in his finest suit. Adam took a step closer. He was hoping that Theo was just sleeping there in the coffin and would soon open his eyes to look at him. But it never happened. The corpse stayed as cold and emotionless as it naturally was.

Adam had never been one to cry. Even now, when he was looking at his dead lover, there were no tears in his eyes. It was partially because he hadn’t even realized yet that the body was actually Theo’s and Theo would never come back to sleep beside him. Slowly the thought of Theo being dead was becoming real in his mind.

Adam was scared of being left alone. There was no Theo to hold him in his arms, no Theo to share his passions with, no Theo to kiss him good morning. He had to survive by himself now. Without love. Without Theo.

It would be hard for Adam. He had gotten so used to being with Theo and to the good feeling he always had when Theo was around. Now the wonderful feelings were replaced by fear of being alone and pain. His heart was aching back into Theo’s arms.

Adam’s life would become a lot more miserable now. He was sure Theo had been the one and only for him and there was no love for him on this planet anymore. He had to suffer all alone without Theo. All he had was his music and his memories of Theo.

Life would be an endless, lonely Sunday from now on.

“How will I survive without you?” Adam whispered at the dead body and for a second he actually thought it would come to life. But no, it just kept looking stiff and unnatural. Adam sighed. He could finally feel a few tears in his eyes.

Theo was gone.

He would never come back.

Adam kissed the blood red rose in his hands and put it down on the dead body of Theo. Its petals were brushing Theo’s chin. The redness of the rose created a strong contrast with the whiteness of the dead man’s skin. Theo looked very peaceful in his last bed, the bed he would share with the rose from now on to the eternity.

Adam stepped back and turned to leave the room. He could have spent the rest of his life there just staring at Theo’s corpse if he had had the choice. However, he didn’t and he knew he had to be out of the church before the family would be there. They wouldn’t want to see him there and he didn’t want to tell them why he was there. They had never liked him and if they had known the complete truth about him and their handsome and lovely boy, they would have liked him even less.

It was better for Adam and everyone else, if he just disappeared and quickly, so that they would never meet again.

Adam walked in the cold wind, glancing at the church he had just left behind. Cars were starting to arrive at it, obviously carrying Theo’s relatives and family. Adam turned his gaze at the sky, wondering if Theo was there. He had never been the most religious person, but he was sure Theo’s spirit was somewhere very far away from that almost plastic looking corpse.

Rain started falling softly. There was no Theo, who always had an umbrella with him. There was no Theo to keep him warm.

Theo was dead and soon the body would be in the grave.

Losing Theo was the end of everything for Adam. But he was forced to continue his pathetic life on this planet for god only knew how many years more.

In the middle of the night Adam was woken up by the sound of his phone ringing. He tried to find his phone, which was laying on the top his bedside table, without even opening his eyes. Groggily he took the phone and without even bothering to look at the name of the caller pressed the green button. It had to be something urgent and important, if the person had decided to call him this time of the night.

“Hey Adam.”

Those two words made Adam almost have a heart attack.

It was Theo.

Adam could never mistake that voice. It belonged to the one and only man he had ever truly loved. It was the voice which had been whispering his name in ecstasy, the voice that had been praising him, the voice that had been comforting him. Suddenly Adam was all awake.

“Theo…” was all Adam could mumble from his shock. Hadn’t he seen Theo’s body lying dead and lifeless in the coffin? Hadn’t Theo been buried earlier that day? How could he be calling to him? As Adam’s brain started to wake up more properly, he began to suspect that he was still dreaming, because it seemed like the only sensible scenario.

“I’m sorry to disturb your sleep like this, but I…”

“Excuse me, Theo, if you actually are him. How can you be calling me, when you’ve just been buried under the ground? Did they accidentally bury you alive or something?”

Theo chuckled slightly. Dead man’s laugh gave Adam chills. It was odd indeed to be talking to his dead lover.

“No, my dear, I’m alive and I’ve not been buried,” Theo ensured.

“How come? Have I been dreaming since the day they told me you were dead?”

“No, I was dead. For my family. I faked it.”

“You faked your own death?”


“But what about the corpse?”

“It was pretty good, huh? A wax figurine.”

“Wow…. wow…” Adam couldn’t comprehend what this person on the other end of the line was telling him. He sounded like Theo and claimed that Theo was actually alive and that there was a wax figure in the ground instead of his actual body… It was all too much for Adam to comprehend. It was like Theo had woken up from the dead.

“I know you must be confused and shocked and everything, but I couldn’t tell you beforehand. I wanted it to be surprise for everyone,” Theo spoke.

“Well, you surely did surprise me now.”

“Do you want to know why I did it?”

A pause.

“Yes, of course.”

Another pause. A longer one.

“We could never been what we wanted to be, if my family and relatives and friends knew about us.”


“I faked my death to free us from everyone, so that we can be together.”

“Theo, I really don’t know what I should think of all this, I’m not even sure if I’m actually talking to you or if this is all just a dream…”

“Well, you’ll see me soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m almost at your door. Get up, it’s a beautiful night.”

And that was the end of the phone call.

Adam was uncertain of how he should act. He wasn’t sure if he had been dreaming or if he had just had that phone conversation with the real, one and only Theo. Maybe somebody really wicked had just tried to trick him. But how did they know about them?

When the doorbell rang Adam had to get up. He put on his dressing gown and wandered to the door, feeling very nervous. It might be Theo standing there on the other side of the door. Alive.

Adam took in a deep breath and opened the door. There he was smirking at him. Adam couldn’t believe his eyes.

“So, are you not going to invite me to come inside?” Theo asked after having been stared at by Adam for a few minutes.

“Oh yes, of course.”

Theo turned on some lights while walking into the apartment with Adam. Adam was still too shocked to do anything useful. Theo was dragging a suitcase with him and left it in near the door, then followed the confused Adam into the sitting room, where they sat down, Adam on the arm chair, Theo on the cream colored sofa.

“So… it’s really you. You’re alive,” Adam murmured. Theo smirked at him.

“How can I be sure you’re not just some ghost or that I’m not imagining this?”

Theo stood up. Without a warning he lifted Adam’s chin slightly to kiss him. Adam was paralyzed by the sudden kiss and the familiar feeling of Theo’s lips against his own. After pulling back Theo sat down next to Adam on the sofa.

“You still think I’m not here?” he asked, smiling at his confused lover.

The kiss had been too real to be just a dream or imagination. “I don’t,” Adam admitted. He had just tried to convince himself that his lover was dead and now he wasn’t dead after all. It was still somewhat confusing to him, but at least he now knew that Theo was there with him. And he wouldn’t go away and leave him.

Theo kissed Adam’s cheek gently and pulled the man closer, wrapping his arms around him. They were lying there like this, close to each other just listening to their hearts beating together for a while. Theo was occasionally planting small kisses on Adam’s hair and face, wherever he could reach. His hot breath was tingling on Adam’s skin.

Adam could have stayed there forever in the arms of the lover he thought he had lost. It was the most wonderful feeling to feel Theo’s heartbeat and lips against his skin. Theo seemed a lot gentler than usually like Adam had somehow turned into something really fragile and needed to be handled with care.

“I want to take you away with me,” Theo whispered. He didn’t bother to say the words out loud, because Adam was so close to him.

“Where are we going?” Adam asked. He was starting to feel tired and was sure he would fall asleep in Theo’s arms any minute.

“Anywhere we want to. There’s nothing to hold us back anymore. We can just travel around the world, just you and me, check into hotels with fake names and see the beauty of each and every place we visit.”

“But how about money?”

“Don’t bother yourself with that, baby. I got it all arranged.”

“Okay then, let me just sleep for a while here in your arms…”

Suddenly Adam felt Theo shifting underneath him and soon he found himself on the floor. Theo was standing beside him, chuckling at the sight of the poor man lying on the floor.

“There’s nothing funny about this,” Adam snapped. Theo helped him up.

“We need to leave now.”

“Now? You must be kidding me, I need to sleep.”

“You can sleep in the train. I have booked us train tickets to London. We’ll go to Heathrow and take the first flight we can.”

“I didn’t even know that the train is operating at night,” Adam protested still sounding very sleepy.

“Come on, Adam. After everything I’ve done for you, losing your night’s sleep seems very unimportant.”

Adam sighed. “Okay then. Let’s do it.”

“I knew you’d say so.”

After Adam had gotten dressed, they were ready to leave everything behind.

“Are you sure you’re willing to do this?” Theo asked before he let Adam open the door.

Adam looked at Theo. There was slight concern in Theo’s eyes.

“Yes, of course I am. Are you now starting to doubt me after all you’ve done?”

“I just want to make sure you understand that leaving with me means leaving behind all of your old life.”

“I had no life besides you. You are everything I’ve ever had.”

“Well, I guess then you have nothing to lose.”

“No, I only have everything to gain.”

They kissed there in the hall, Adam’s hand still on the door.

They stepped outside in the cold air. Adam took in the sights so familiar to him for the very last time. The street lamps were coloring golden spots on the sidewalk and the moon was looking at them from the night sky. The city lights prevented them from seeing most of the stars, but Adam was able to spot a couple of twinkling stars here and there across the deep and dark blue sky.

It truly was a beautiful night, a beautiful beginning for their new life.
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