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14 September 2011 @ 08:22 pm
You Can Run 6/6 (epilogue)  
Fandom: F1, ski jumping
Pairing: Sebastian Vettel/Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastian Vettel/Mark Webber, mentions of Webber/Button, a bit of Sebson, Thomas Morgenstern/Gregor Schlierenzauer
Rating: NC-17 
Warnings: none this time, I guess 
Genre: AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, though I do own the plot. This has only ever happened inside my head (well, obviously).

Sebastian was confused at first, because no, his name hasn’t changed to Lukas. However, when he saw who was talking to him, he remembered immediately the night he had been running away. “Oh well, I decided to move here,” he told with a bright smile.
“I see, I see. Is this your… boyfriend?” Nico asked then. He was looking at Jaime, who had his arm around Sebastian.

“Yes, he is,” Sebastian said with an even wider and brighter smile.

“Oh, well I hope you enjoy living here,” Nico then said. He didn’t look too pleased to find out Sebastian had a boyfriend.

“Homophobe,” Sebastian muttered after Nico had turned his back to them. Jaime giggled and kissed Sebastian’s cheek.

“I couldn’t care less. As long as I have you, I’m invincible. Nothing or no one can hurt me,” Jaime whispered.

“Our love is stronger than all the hate on this planet,” Sebastian said with love in his eyes.

They walked down the beach and sat down to look at the luxury yachts. There was still the one belonging to Jenson. It looked very lonely, as Sebastian knew that its owner was somewhere completely different to this world.

Jaime sighed. “I wonder what would have happened to us, if Mark hadn’t died,” he said quietly. He knew that Sebastian didn’t like talking about Mark, because Mark had died only for his sake and the thought of that made him sick and sad at the same time. The thought of kissing those lips and seeing the death in those eyes still bothered Sebastian.

“I don’t know. I really don’t. It’s hard to say, because I don’t know what I felt towards Mark. And now I will never know that…” Sebastian spoke very quietly. He was in the verge of tears, because he could so vividly feel Mark’s cold lips against his own.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned that…” Jaime whispered.

“No, it’s okay. Everything’s fine. I just wish Mark hadn’t had to die for me. He was actually a good person in his heart. He didn’t deserve to die.”

“I’m sure he didn’t. But sometimes it’s the good guys who have to die.”

“I’m so glad I have you here with me.”

Jaime pressed his lips on Sebastian’s forehead. “Me too. And the decision you made is the right one. You would have served no purpose for Red Bull anymore. That place has too many dark memories attached to it.”

Jaime was referring to the fact that Red Bull had wanted to keep Sebastian in their service. They tried and tried, but Sebastian had declined all of their proposals. He had just disappeared from them once again, going to the one place in which he knew he could just be with his Jaime in peace. He didn’t really want anything else from his life anymore. He had seen enough tragedy. Now he only wanted love and leisure, nothing which would cause too much trouble.

Sebastian knew that someday Red Bull would be in the right hands. Well, if Gregor would ever get on top, like he always said he would. He had gotten Thomas’ job, because Thomas had replaced Mark. Even though Gregor’s working, which was not neat and orderly like Thomas would have hoped for, was driving Thomas crazy, he still loved his secretary maybe even too much.

Those two tried to keep their relationship as hidden as possible, but Gregor had promised Thomas that one day he would rule the world and he would take Thomas as his husband, even though men weren’t allowed to marry each other and their position wouldn’t allow it anyways. Thomas only smiled at those thoughts, because he knew it was impossible. However, it proved that Gregor really cared about him and that was all that actually mattered to him. He wouldn’t care if he would be sentenced to death for loving Gregor, because that was all that mattered in his life.

Sebastian looked at the horizon dreamily. “I’m so sorry for your death, Mark. I wish we will meet again after my life comes to its end. But until that, I hope you can approve my love for Jaime,” he said quietly, hoping that Mark could hear his words, wherever he was.

Jaime kissed Sebastian softly. “If he really loves you, then I’m sure he will approve this, because the only thing he wants then, is to see you happy,” he spoke.

“Ah yes, I hope so…” Sebastian sighed. He kissed the younger man again. This time the kiss was a lot deeper. Sebastian felt like he was kissing Mark and Jaime at the same time. It was an utterly odd feeling, but somehow it felt calming. There was so much emotion in that kiss for Sebastian, because it included all he was feeling for the both of these men. Jaime could never understand how much Mark actually meant for Sebastian, so he thought he should stop talking about the dead man for his lover already.

“I love you,” Sebastian whispered. He wasn’t sure, if he meant the words for Jaime or Mark or both of them, but in the end, it didn’t matter. 

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