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22 November 2011 @ 10:28 am
Family Business  
Fandom: F1
Pairing: Sebastian Vettel/Mark Webber
Rating: G
Warnings: ...none really, I guess
Genre: One shot, romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, though I do own the plot. This is only a work of my imagination, so it has never happened and I'm not intending to insult anyone or anything like that.
Summary: All Mark wanted was to give his son a happy family. 

A/N: I just want to say a few things about this story: the woman isn't Ann, I know Luke isn't really Mark's son and that he is a lot older, so this is not the actual Luke, but I was boring enough to name him Luke. So in that sense this is AU, because Mark's family is just some random family I came up with. Not his real one. 
I hope you'll enjoy the story and all comments are welcome, here or in tumblr :)

Why can’t you leave her?

Why are you asking?

I just feel so lonely. I need you by my side.

Mark looked up from his phone. Something about that last message made him feel horrible like he could feel the loneliness of Sebastian in his own heart. He bit his lip to remind himself that he was a man, who didn’t cry. Not even if he was aching. Not even if somebody else was aching for him.

“Darling, what is it?” he heard the soft voice of a woman ask. His girlfriend, his soon to be wife, the substitute mother for his son who had never had one. He couldn’t possibly leave her now that the wedding dress had been bought and the wedding menu had been planned.

It wasn’t all about the wedding though. There was also something more important, the reason that had led to Mark’s proposal. His son needed a mother. Mark wanted to give him that and he knew that his son was fond of this particular woman and already accepted her as his mom. The marriage was the last step to really unite them as a happy family.

She wrapped her arms around him. “What message you got? Why do you look so serious?” she asked in a worried tone.

“Oh no, it was nothing”, Mark tried.

“Was it Sebastian? That poor boy is always looking for your attention. I’m worried about him. What if he does something stupid one day?”

“Why do you think he would do something stupid?”

“I think he idolizes you so much that he’s even jealous of me. He would do anything to get your attention.”
Mark tried to laugh to sound more convincing. “That’s stupid,” he spitted.

“Oh really? You men, you never understand anything when it comes to feelings and especially when it comes to other people’s feelings.”

Mark just grunted. He knew a lot more about Sebastian’s feelings than she could ever imagine, though she wasn’t too far from the truth herself. No, Sebastian wasn’t idolizing him. The “poor boy” was in love with him. And well, it was true that love could lead one to do extreme things, but Mark had always trusted Sebastian to be rational.

You didn’t answer my question.

It’s complicated.

But you don’t love her, do you?

Why was Sebastian doing this to him? Mark didn’t want to get involved with feelings and analysis of them. He just wanted a happy life for his son. That was all he asked for.

Until Sebastian had started to talk about feelings. Mark was a rational person. He didn’t have time for such incomprehensible and uncontrollable things as emotions.

Or that was how he wanted to believe. However, since Sebastian had started to talk about his feelings and show them to him, he started to notice them in his own mind as well. Sebastian was more than just occasional sex partner and his teammate. He was also emotionally attached to the younger man, which definitely made his life more complicated.

Mark didn’t know what love was, so he never said that he was in love with Sebastian. He had to admit, however, that he certainly had more feelings towards the German than the woman he was supposed to marry. But his son had always been his priority, the only one he could truly say he loved. That was exactly why he was going to get married despite his lack of feelings.

The woman sighed. “Do you love me?” she asked.

“Of course I do,” Mark answered immediately. He knew he was lying. However, he also knew that lying was the only option. There was no way he could show his true colors now that they were getting married and everything.

The woman smiled and gave Mark a small kiss. “I love you too darling,” she said. Her smile was bright and her words were true. Mark felt bad about lying, but he had done it already so many times that it started to slowly lose its meaning.

I know you don’t love her, even when you don’t say it.

You know me too well.

That’s why I know you need me too. So why won’t you leave her?

Mark sighed. Sebastian was still young. Sebastian believed in things like true love and finding your soul mate and living happily ever after. He was naïve, he didn’t see the complexity of Mark’s situation. If only it had been that simple that Mark could actually just leave her and escape to the world with Sebastian.

Luke came into the room. He was 10, not a small kid anymore, but young enough to believe that the marriage would mean that his parents would live together happily ever after ‘till death would they part. Then he would finally get the family he had been craving for his small life.

“Nice to see you dear,” she greeted happily and walked over to hug her stepson.

“You don’t have to be hugging me all the time,” Luke mumbled.

“You haven’t had a mom for such a long time that I want to make that up for you. So you’d better get used to this, getting the attention you never got,” she said. Luke rolled his eyes.

Mark knew that actually the boy enjoyed having the woman around. Mark had never showed too much affection for his son, even though he did care about him. He was just so busy. And the woman had also helped Mark to get a grip of himself, which meant that Luke didn’t have to suffer from his father’s stress, which had resulted in some pretty bad drinking at times. Mark wasn’t an alcoholic, but when he had felt really stressed, it had been his only way to relax and forget.

I have a family.

He doesn’t need a mother. He needs you to care.

Mark did care. He loved his son and he wanted only the best for him. But well, it was true that he wasn’t always showing it. His son needed somebody, who would always have time for him, who would always be there to care. Because Mark didn’t have time. He was a formula driver, he needed to travel a lot and keeping Luke with him all the time didn’t work. So it would be better, if there was somebody, who could take care of the boy, so Mark didn’t have to take him to his parents in Australia or some other random relatives.

Even though Mark wanted to be enough for his son, he knew he couldn’t possibly be. Sebastian couldn’t understand this. He didn’t have children. Sebastian couldn’t even understand why Mark had a son in the first place. Why wasn’t Luke with his mother? Mark wasn’t proud of the way his son had come to this world, but since the moment he had been given to him, he had known that he would keep him and not give him to everybody else. He was his son, his flesh and blood.

Sebastian was dear to Mark, but he wouldn’t want to risk his relationship with his son and his son’s future for the German. You could easily live without love, it was just an extra feeling, something you could add to your life to make it a little more special. But the bond you shared with your son was something more special, something you couldn’t choose to have, but what you could still lose.

“Are you leaving again dad?” Luke asked when Mark stood up after saying that he needed to go to pack. Mark turned to smile at his son. This was what he hated the most, the look in his son’s eyes when he watched him go once again.

“Yes, I need to go… But I got you two tickets as well, so that you can come to see me”, Mark said and watched his son get excited.

“Really dad? Oh, that’s so cool! I love seeing the cars and the race!” the boy exclaimed in excitement.

Mark laughed slightly. He was so happy to see his son get that excited. “Good to hear that you want to go”, he said.

“Of course I do! Is Sebastian going to be there?” the boy asked. Mark hadn’t expected this question.

“Yes, why though?”

“He’s so much fun, he’s very funny,” Luke told.

“Oh you really think so? Well in that case I need to make sure that you get to see him,” Mark promised.

Your son is coming too?

Yes. He likes you.

I like him too.

After the last Friday practice Mark was brave enough to let his son wander in the garage to see the cars. He made sure that the boy wouldn’t touch anything, but just watch and admire them. He didn’t even notice when Sebastian came in, he was so concentrated on looking after his son.

“Hello, nice to see you around Luke!” Sebastian greeted joyfully.  Luke’s face lit up, when he saw the German.

“Hey Seb! Cool that you’re here. I really like your car.”

“Oh you do?” Sebastian crouched next to the boy beside his car and started telling the boy some random stories of it. Mark watched from a bit further away, not wanting to interfere this beautiful moment. The man he was so fond of and his son. The two most special persons to him. He couldn’t help but admire the way Sebastian was almost acting out his stories for the boy, who was listening to him in excitement. He was so adorable, a bit like a child himself.

If he accepted Sebastian’s suggestions of leaving her and dating him, he would have two kids instead of one. Mark chuckled at his own thoughts. It really would be good to have somebody with a sense of responsibility in the family.
Mark had never even thought about having Sebastian as a part of his family. Would it even be a family, if he was together with Sebastian? At least it would be a very crooked family. Sebastian was too young and childlike to be considered as a father. And then there would still be no mother. No, it couldn’t work out. Sebastian wasn’t somebody who you’d consider to have a family in the true meaning of that word. He wasn’t somebody you could see raising a child. Especially together with Mark. They were both drivers, both busy and restless and neither of them had any sense of caring. Well, a kid Luke’s age didn’t maybe need that much caring anymore, but he did need a proper family and parents who actually looked after him and showed him affection.

Mark felt like slapping himself for even thinking of that. Why such stupid things entered his mind. It would be only chaos, if he ever started properly dating Sebastian. What would happen if the public found out? No, Mark couldn’t take such risks. Or how would they live together? Most importantly, how would Luke react?

Luke seemed to really like Sebastian and enjoy his company. However, it would definitely be hard for him to accept it if his father would get together with another man. And all the things from the press and his friends and… Mark couldn’t even handle the media himself, he was sure of that. Besides, Luke could react very badly to losing the mother he was about to get finally.

Mark didn’t want to complicate his life any more. He didn’t want to make it harder for his son either. Everything was just fine the way it was. Definitely. They were a happy family and they would be an even happier family after the marriage. Luke would be a normal boy with a normal family and get all the attention he deserved.

“Mark,” Sebastian called his name. He had appeared right in front of him and Luke was nowhere to be seen. Great. This was just why you shouldn’t trust children to Sebastian.

“Where is Luke?” Mark asked a bit worried.

“Your fiancée came to pick him up to take him somewhere to eat”, Sebastian told with a bright smile.

“Did they just leave? Could I still go after them? I think I want to eat with them, because there’s nothing I’m supposed to be doing here, is there?”

“Oh well, I was thinking…”

“Do you think I could still catch them?”

“Yes, they just left, but there’s one thing I want to give you before that.”

Mark looked at Sebastian expectantly. He was eager to leave already. Sebastian took his time hesitating, before he kissed Mark on the lips, very sweetly and cautiously, like he was afraid that Mark would reject him. Mark didn’t do that though. He kissed back, more hungrily and boldly than Sebastian.

“I just wanted you to remember that I love you…” Sebastian mumbled. He didn’t dare to look at Mark. Mark smiled gently. Something about this young man could make his heart act very weirdly. Maybe that was love. No, he had to forget about that feeling and its existence. But Sebastian really made it hard for him…

“I do remember that. It’s impossible to forget,” Mark said and bit his lip.

“Do you… do you love me?” Sebastian asked a bit shyly.

“I… think so. But it’s only a feeling and I can’t give up my life for something stupid like that,” Mark said quietly.

“Something stupid like that? You think that love is stupid? Are you serious?”

“It’s not as important to me as Luke. I am sorry Seb and you should’ve known that all along.”

“Sometimes I just don’t get you Mark. If you honestly do love me, then how can you just live with that? How can you lie to that woman that you love her and still love me? How can you feed all these lies to your son? Don’t you understand that your marriage will fall apart eventually, if there’s no love and that’s what’s going to hurt your son? Maybe he or your wife will find out about us before that and that’s going to hurt your son, because he has believed that you’re in love with her and that marriage is eternal. You should save him from getting hurt by admitting facts before it’s too late.”

“What if there is no us?”

“What do you mean?”

“After I get married… No, it has to happen before that. We can’t go on like this. I have a wife. Or well, I will have a wife. I’m not immoral enough to continue this affair with you anymore. I need to be faithful or else my family will fall apart.”

Sebastian sighed. There was hurt in his eyes. And disgust, which Mark couldn’t quite understand.

“You are so obsessed with that picture of your happy family that you’ll be lying to yourself and everybody else to achieve that. How happy is it going to be in the end? Well, if you really want to live that way, I guess I can’t do anything. But I still love you,” Sebastian said. He couldn’t hold back his tears any longer and a tear escaped his eye. Mark wiped it away gently.

“I know, I’m sorry, but this is the way I see my future or my son’s future will be the best,” Mark apologized. “I should be going,” he said then and left Sebastian.

Mark’s future wife and Luke hadn’t really gone far and Mark reached them quickly. What he saw on her face when he greeted them wasn’t really what he had expected though. She looked like she had been crying or at least like she was close to tears at that very moment.

“What has happened?” Mark asked immediately.

“You tell me,” she said making Mark even more confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw you.”

“You saw me?”

“Kissing Sebastian.”

“I… it wasn’t me! It was Seb, he kissed me in the first place!” Mark started defending himself, when she couldn’t hold her tears back anymore and started sobbing quietly.

“But it did look like you enjoyed it! You even kissed him back, didn’t you? You sick bastard, what do you think you’re doing?” she accused.

“No, I…” Mark didn’t really know what to say. She had been right after all, so it was pretty hard to come up with anything useful to say. Mark cursed Sebastian in his mind. Why had that man had to kiss him?

“I don’t know what this is all about really,” she sobbed.

“I don’t know either,” Mark said.

“What am I supposed to think of this? Have you been doing this before? Does he love you?”

“If only I could give you the answers…”

“You have to. There’s no way I’m going to marry you before I get them.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure if you will ever marry me after I tell them to you…”

“Then you at least should tell. I thought I knew you well enough to trust you as my husband.”

“It’s just that… I think we should go somewhere more private.”

Later, without Luke around, the two sat down at the table, made their orders and fell in silence. Mark felt bad that Luke had witnessed that arguing scene. The boy didn’t really need to hear that and see his mother crying. Or the woman who was supposed to become her mother. Now it seemed like the whole marriage had crashed down before even starting.

“I hope that Sebastian can really take care of Luke,” she stated. They had had to take Luke to Sebastian, because they didn’t really feel like leaving him alone in their hotel room, because they weren’t sure how long this would take. Sebastian had been happy to take him to give the two some private time. He had no idea why though.

“That’s not why we’re here,” Mark only stated.

“I know. So let’s get to the point then. What is going on with you and Sebastian?” she asked with a very serious face.

Mark sighed. This wouldn’t be easy. “We are very close friends, as you already know. Then once we just ended up having sex. It’s not important how that happened, but what happened after that.”

“Well, what happened then? And when did this happen? Before we were together?”

“Yes, I think it was before that, I think I knew you already, but I don’t think we were really together. But it took months before we actually started to talk about that night we had shared, so then we were already together. And then he told me he loves me.”

“Do you… do you love him?”

“I’m not sure to be honest.”

“But you do have feelings for him then?”

Mark sighed. “I guess you want me to be honest. So yes, I do have feelings for him.”

“You know… This really is going to change it all.”

“I know and I’m sad for that. We don’t have to change.”

“Have you been cheating on me with him?”

Mark fell into silence for a while. Maybe this was the part where he could lie a bit.

“Not really,” he said. Truth was, they had been having sex with Sebastian quite often actually.

“I’m not sure if I believe that. But at least I want to believe. But if you really have feelings towards this man, how do you expect our marriage to work?” she asked.

“I’ve never been the kind of person to fall in the tricks of my emotions. I can easily let go of Sebastian. It’s no problem for me, seriously.”

“It’s hard for me to believe in this anymore, because I doubt you’re in love with me.”

“Love, always love. Why are you people never talking about anything else?”

“Because it’s what we all want. I want to be loved and I don’t think I can ever marry a guy who’s not in love with me.”

“Then I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t think love is really my thing.”

“Well, I at least love you. I thought you loved me too.” She smiled sadly. She already knew that this was it, so she didn’t feel like it would be necessary to cry or make a scene. Things couldn’t work out any other way than their goodbyes.

“I’m sorry Mark, but I don’t think I can live on like this anymore. I think I will go tomorrow back to our place, get my stuff and find a place of my own. Because this isn’t going to work,” she said.

“But how about Luke?” Mark asked.

“He’s not my son. He is a really intelligent and great boy, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.”

“But he really liked you.”

“I’m sure I can still come to see him, can’t I?”

“Yes, of course, but it’s not the same…”

“He doesn’t need me. He needs you more.”

Mark sighed. He had lost her already the day he had laid his eyes on Sebastian. Sebastian had been right. They’re marriage couldn’t have possibly worked after all. How badly Mark wished that things had gone a bit differently.

“Well, I think we’re finished now. There’s nothing left to say, is there?” she asked.

“No, I don’t think so.”

And that was the end of their story. Mark couldn’t believe it had been that simple.

When Mark went to get Luke back, he felt horrible. He had no idea how he was supposed to break the news for the boy. Sebastian would also have to be told, but Mark was sure that he would be only delighted to hear the news. However, Mark hadn’t really decided how he was going to arrange his life now, so he hoped that Sebastian wouldn’t get his hopes too high yet.

“Did you have fun?” was the first thing to come out of Sebastian’s mouth. Oh great, Sebastian didn’t even know why Mark had needed the private time with the woman.

“Not really,” Mark stated and walked in Sebastian’s hotel room. Luke was sitting on the bed watching some cartoon, which might have been Pokémon.

“How come?” Sebastian wondered. He thought that the two had wanted to enjoy some private fun time.

“We weren’t even supposed to have fun. We were having a serious conversation. On us and you,” Mark told.


“Yes, she had seen us kissing…”

“Oh no, it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry. What happened?”

“It’s over now. There’s gonna be no wedding, no happy family, no nothing.”

“She left you?”

“What else could she do? After I explained her the situation, she said that she couldn’t get married with a man who didn’t love her.”

“I destroyed your pretty picture now, didn’t I?”

“It’s not only your fault. It’s mine. I should’ve known that this wouldn’t work after all.”

“You need tell Luke.”

“But he looks so happy watching Pokémon, I don’t want to intervene.”

“You go now, he needs to know.”

Mark sighed. He didn’t really want to do this, but Sebastian was right. The sooner the boy got to know about this, the sooner he would get over it. If ever. He sat down next to his son, who was still watching the cartoon.

“Luke, there’s something I need to tell you,” Mark started.

“Umm,” Luke just mumbled eyes on the screen.

“This is serious. You need to listen to me. Seb, could you turn off that thing please?”

Sebastian did as he was told. With a bit grumpy face Luke turned to his father.
“What can be this important? You should’ve let me finished that episode,” he said.

“Well, I don’t really know how to say this…”

“Say what? That you’re gay with Sebastian?”

Mark looked like he had seen a ghost. He was shocked. How could Luke know that? Had he seen them too? Children were always so straightforward, almost too straightforward. Also Sebastian looked surprised.

“I knew it,” Luke just said with a shrug.

“But how?” were the only words Mark could form at that very moment.

“Sebastian kind of like told it to me. And I saw you guys kissing.”

Mark looked at Sebastian, who was a bit ashamed of himself. He might have slipped out something.

“So, how do you feel about that?” Mark asked a bit uncomfortably. He wasn’t even supposed to tell about his relationship with Sebastian to Luke yet. Maybe never. But now he knew already.

“I dunno really,” Luke just said.

“But you’re not… disgusted?”

“I don’t care as long as you won’t be making out around me. Like with mom, I don’t want to see my parents being all like that you know.”

“Parents… You do know that we’re not getting married then?”

“I guess so.”

“And you don’t care?”

“Well, it would have been nice to get a mother, but I dunno. I don’t think she would’ve been nice for a long time. She would have just become annoying. I rather have only you.”

“Would you accept me in your family then?” Sebastian asked now.

“Seb, it’s not like we’re going to form a family,” Mark said a bit horrified at the thought. He did like Sebastian a lot, maybe even loved him, but he still didn’t like the idea that they would form a family.

“Sebastian is great. But I’m not sure. It’s a bit odd to think of you together as a couple…” Luke said.

“I know son and that’s exactly why…”

“We’re getting together,” Sebastian finished Mark’s sentence. He smiled widely.

“Sebastian! Wont’ you ever listen to me?” Mark exclaimed.

“I will, but only when you have something sensible to say,” Sebastian stated with a smile.

“Oh, well, that’s very nice of you.”

“But hey, Luke wouldn’t I be a much better dad than your dad?”

“No way, you’re like a kid yourself,” Luke said and showed his tongue.

“That hurt me!” Sebastian exclaimed trying to sound insulted.

“Seriously, Seb if I take you I will be living with two kids instead of one,” Mark sighed.

“Aww Mark, I promise I’ll behave like an adult. Most of the time at least.”

Mark just rolled his eyes.

“But you do love me, don’t you? Love will make everything right,” Sebastian said.

“I guess so then, if it’s so important to everyone.”

Sebastian kissed Mark softly on the lips.

“I told you not to be kissing around me!” Luke shouted and threw a pillow at them. It hit Mark in the face as Sebastian avoided it.

“Ah, what a perfect family we truly will be,” Sebastian said with a content smile. Mark only rolled his eyes at him once again. Maybe this would lead to a disaster, but at least this time everybody knew where they were committing themselves to. Maybe this could even work after all. Or then not, but Mark was sure he couldn’t stop Sebastian from uniting them as some kind of a family any longer.

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