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10 August 2011 @ 10:56 am
You Can Run 4/6  
Fandom: F1, ski jumping
Pairing: Sebastian Vettel/Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastian Vettel/Mark Webber, mentions of Webber/Button, a bit of Sebson, Thomas Morgenstern/Gregor Schlierenzauer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kind of violence (I suck at writing violence, so it's not much), death
Genre: AU, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own these people, though I do own the plot. This has only ever happened inside my head (well, obviously).

Sexual frustration. Thomas told himself to think about everything else except for the sexual frustration he was feeling at the moment. Then Gregor came up to him with some papers. No, this wasn’t any good. Since that day when Gregor had been hanging around shirtless, Thomas had constantly found himself having hot dreams of the younger man. And now he was standing in front of him in all his beauty and there was nothing between them.

“You wanted these papers? I even filled them in completely,” Gregor said and sounded a bit proud of himself for once completing his work properly.

“I want you... OH NO, I wasn’t supposed to say that, no, yes, give me the papers,” Thomas blurted out, stood up and took the papers out of Gregor’s hands. Gregor looked at him confused as he started to go through the papers nervously, trying to concentrate on checking if they had been filled in correctly. However, it distracted him that Gregor wasn’t moving anywhere.

“Well, why do you stare at me like that there? Go back to work!” Thomas demanded anxiously. Gregor didn’t still move.

“You said you wanted me,” Gregor stated quietly. He wasn’t sure, where this conversation was heading to.

“No, no, I said nothing at all,” Thomas denied.

“I heard you say those words with my own ears. I want you. You said that.”

“No, no, forget about it, I didn’t mean it.”

“Why would you blurt out something like that, if you didn’t mean it?”

“Why are you bothering me with these stupid questions, when you should be doing your work?”

Gregor took a step closer and took the papers from Thomas’s hands, putting them on the desk. “Now, look at me and tell me you don’t want me,” he demanded.

Thomas gulped. He looked into Gregor’s eyes. He was too close. Thomas started to feel uncomfortably hot as Gregor’s breath was hitting on his face.

“Now will you deny those words anymore?” Gregor asked. As Thomas didn’t still say anything, he decided to act. He pulled Thomas closer into a small kiss.

Thomas pulled back. “Why are you doing this to me? Please, stop playing with me, because I want you more than you can imagine and this will only lead to things we’ll regret. You said you “aren’t gay”, you obviously don’t want me. Then why do you do this?” Thomas asked. He poured out his heart for the younger man to get out of the situation and go on with his work.

“I don’t know. I just do. I’m a kid, I’m stupid and I like to do stupid things. More importantly, I like experimenting. Maybe it was a stupid idea to start experimenting with my boss’s feelings. I’m sorry I did that,” Gregor apologized.
Thomas stared at him. He couldn’t believe this had been so easy. “I… I accept your apology.”

“I guess it’s time to go back to work then,” Gregor suggested. However, before he could actually move anywhere, Thomas stopped him by taking a hold of his arm. Gregor looked at him expectantly.

“You said you like experimenting. Why not take this as an experiment then?” Thomas suggested and closed the space between them to kiss the younger man. He had no idea where his sudden confidence had come from. Maybe from the fact that Gregor seemed to for once take things a bit more seriously and somehow the boy was acting a million times less annoying than usually.
Gregor didn’t object, but joined the kiss. However, he was very uncertain of how far he actually wanted to go, as it seemed that Thomas was taking this far more seriously than he did. He had lots of experience from hitting on girls but none from doing it with men. He wasn’t even sure if he actually wanted to do anything with another man.
Or maybe he did. Thomas seemed to have a weird ability to make him horny. Weird, because it wasn’t like Gregor felt horny for men very often. Weird also because technically the man was his boss. But that was probably why he wasn’t objecting when Thomas pinned him down on the desk and continued kissing him more hungrily and passionately.

“Why did you bring me here?” Jaime asked coldly.
Mark smirked darkly. He took Jaime into an embrace. “You will find that out soon enough, darling,” he whispered. He was getting something out of his pocket, something shiny and sharp looking. It was a knife, a very decorated one.
“Where have you gotten that?” Jaime asked when he noticed the ornamented object in Mark’s hand.
Mark kissed the blade. “I stole it.”
“Stole it? From who?”
Mark grinned. “Oh, you wouldn’t know him even if I told you.”
“You’re going to kill me now, aren’t you?” There was a bit of fear in Jaime’s voice. Mark let the blade slightly touch Jaime’s naked neck and slide all the way to the collar bone. He didn’t answer anything to Jaime, he just took a firmer grip of the younger man, turned him around and pressed the blade on his collar bone.
“Isn’t it a shame that such a pretty man has to die?” Mark asked and cut a small wound on Jaime’s neck. The blood ran across the blade. It was as bright in its redness as Jaime’s eyes were in their blueness.
Jaime’s breathing had become steadier. “I’m not scared of you,” Jaime stated.
“Oh, you aren’t?” Mark asked and this time the cut was longer and deeper. Jaime flinched a bit, but Mark hadn’t really hurt him yet enough to make him really suffer. 
“No, because you aren’t going to kill me,” Jaime said. He seemed to be very sure of his words.

“How can you be so sure of that? Don’t you see that that’s exactly what I’m intending to do?”
“Why haven’t you killed me already then? Why are you just playing? You haven’t even hurt me properly, because you can’t do it. You aren’t cruel in your heart.”
“Don’t you see that if you keep saying things like that, I’ll stab you in the heart?”
“Besides, how could you kill someone this beautiful? I know you’re always admired beauty, haven’t you?”
“Your beauty has only caused me harm.”
“But Mark, what harm can my beauty cause you? It can only give you pleasure, can’t it?”
“You mesmerized Sebastian into believing he was in love with you with your blinding beauty.”
“Forget about Sebastian already. Wouldn’t you like to be pleased by my beauty? Wouldn’t you like to be adored by me instead of just killing me?” Jaime whispered and turned his head to nibble on Mark’s neck. He was doing his best to distract Mark from holding the knife against his throat. If seducing Mark would make him forget about killing him, then Jaime would be glad to do that.
Mark did get a bit distracted and couldn’t help himself from kissing Jaime. Why did Jaime have to be so pretty? It was impossible to resist someone with looks that gorgeous and an accent that seducing. Damn Spaniards and their sex appeal.
Mark loosened his grip on Jaime to get Jaime in a better position, so that they could deepen the kiss. Jaime kissed him back as passionately as he could in the situation where he wasn’t feeling too passionate about Mark. Soon Mark was so lost into the kiss that he almost dropped the knife on the floor. And he probably would have done that, if they hadn’t heard somebody enter the office.
The lovers were calling each other’s names, but Mark had no intention to let Jaime run to his beloved’s arms. Instead, he put the knife back on Jaime’s throat, his other hand pulling Jaime from his hair to stand up straight. Sebastian looked shocked.
“Ah, Sebastian, you came here to see your darling’s death,” Mark said with a mischievous smile.
“Drop the knife,” a cold voice ordered and soon there was a pistol pointing at Sebastian’s head.
“I won’t, Jenson,” Mark refused. Jenson stepped into the office and took a grip of Sebastian, still holding the pistol against the younger man’s head.
“If you kill Jaime, I will kill Sebastian. Do you want to see your love die?”
“Since when have you cared about Jaime?”
“I don’t care about him. I do what I do and I don’t need a proper reason for that. Now do you want me to kill Sebastian, who you love so dearly?”
“Oh, don’t talk about love. You know even less about it than me.”
“That cannot be true. You can’t see love even when you’re feeling it yourself.”
“How can you, a heartless man who’ll never be able to feel love, say that?”
“Oh, I can. Because I can say anything. Now, let Jaime go.”
“I won’t.”
“Well, I promise you, I pull the trigger soon enough, because I really don’t have any reason to keep this kid alive. He was a good fuck, but well, that’s all.”
“You fucked him?”

“Of course I did.”
Mark let Jaime go and at the same moment was already attacking Jenson. Jenson didn’t really have time to react. Mark knocked the pistol from Jenson’s hand while Sebastian dunked away from the two men after Jenson had to let go of him. Sebastian rushed to embrace Jaime, as the two older men were left to struggle with each other.
“Jenson, I shall warn you that I have a dagger and I’m not afraid to use it,” Mark warned, as he was able to get a hold of Jenson.
“Oh, but isn’t that MY dagger?” Jenson asked. He didn’t seem to be any worried, even though the other man had gotten a very firm grip of him and was holding the knife against his throat.
“Might be.”
“I am quite sure it is.”
“Isn’t it lovely to be killed by your own knife?”
“Why would you kill me?”
“Because I’ve given you too many chances. I could’ve killed you already by handing you out for the higher officers, but I didn’t. And most of all, you have been fucking Sebastian and threatening his life. I won’t allow that.”
“You really love him, don’t you?”
Mark fell silent. Sebastian was watching him from the distant. Their eyes met for a split second.
“Mark, do you really love me?” Sebastian asked softly.
Mark gulped. He didn’t really know. He had never known what love was. He couldn’t possibly know if he was feeling it or not. He was mostly just confused about this all.
“Oh, of course he does, you moron! Can’t you see it in the way he looks at you and thinks you’re his possession and nobody else’s?” Jenson spitted.
“I thought he’s just keen on possessing people like objects. I don’t think you need to have any feelings like love involved in it.”
“Believe me, it’s love.”
“I’m not sure whether to believe in you and your concept of love.”
“That man knows nothing about anything,” Mark grunted.
“Oh you really think so? Well, at least I know that your dear darling is no angel. He’s a whore who was very eager to share his love with me. You’ve never gotten anything special from him. He’s a whore, what he did with you, he’d do with anyone else as well,” Jenson stated with a smirk.
“How can you say that? He’s not a whore,” Mark spitted furiously.
“Well, wasn’t he your personal whore? Who was whoring himself to somebody else as well?” Jenson kept on teasing Mark, who was now boiling with anger. It was no wonder he pushed Jenson hard against the window. However, what was a wonder was that the window broke from Mark’s power of anger. It had been the size of the whole wall in the other end of the office behind Mark’s desk. The window was shattered in pieces and they were falling on the floor of the office as well as on the street somewhere far down below.
However, the pieces of glass weren’t the only thing falling. Mark had pushed Jenson with so much power Jenson had fell off the office with the broken glass. Mark watched in shock as Jenson’s body crashed on the pavement. They had been on the 15th floor, so the sight wasn’t too pretty.
“You… killed him,” Sebastian whispered in shock, as he came to stand by Mark near the edge of the office where the window had resided in previously. Mark’s breath was quick and he couldn’t really comprehend what he had just done. Jaime had been right. He couldn’t kill anyone. Though now he had just done that.
“You freaking killed someone!” Sebastian exclaimed then.

“I know…” Mark just said still wondering if this was really happening to him. Maybe he would soon wake up in his own bed and this had all been just a nightmare.
“And you did it because of me, didn’t you?” Sebastian asked quietly.
Mark took his hand. “I guess so.”
They stood there in silence, watching as people were panicking around the dead body of Jenson. An ambulance came, but there was nothing to be done. Jenson was dead. And Mark had killed him.

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